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How Long Does it Take on Average to Write a Novel?

Posted - 11/19/2012

Writing a novel is a creative project that can require many hours of hard work. While some authors appear to churn out a new novel on a regular basis, others may take years to complete their finished project. Although the length of time that writing a novel takes may vary, most people find that they can complete a novel within a relatively short period of time when they have the right resources and inspiration to spark their creativity.

When planning to write a novel, it is important to decide upon several things. First, you will need to plan a basic outline for a plot that includes the characters and situations that they will face. Once you have created your basic outline, then you will need to fill in the blanks through your writing. Every writer has their own technique. However, you will find it helpful to plan to write at least a little each day. Having a special place to write and people who can provide you with advice will help you to complete your novel faster.

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